Vallejo Sister City delegation headed to Ensenada

July 22, 2019 (Vallejo Times Herald) – It’s Bon Voyage to a group of 21 Vallejo diplomats, young athletes and others who are heading to Ensenada, Mexico on a Sister City mission, organizers said.

The trip, which launches Monday, is the next step in a several step process meant to forge a Sister City relationship between the two municipalities.

Two years ago, a delegation from Vallejo visited Ensenada with the idea of becoming “Friendship Cities” — a step below Sister Cities, chair of the Sister City Commission’s Ensenada Committee Emma del Rosario said. The unusual outcome was a letter from Ensenada officials requesting the implementation of Sister City status as quickly as possible, she said. So, next week’s trip for a contingent of nine Tae Kwon Do athletes and 11 diplomats was planned, she said. Click here to read more.