La Spezia, Italy

September 14, 2021

In June 1985, the Commission recommended the City consider inviting a sister city relationship with a city in Italy.  City officials warmed to the idea and approved a selection process that led, over the next several months, to the recommendation of extending an invitation to the City of LaSpezia.  On May 6, 1986, Mayor Terry Curtola wrote a letter to the mayor of LaSpezia suggestion the establishment of a sister city relationship.  The response led to a meeting in the Mayor’s Office chaired by Vice-Mayor Sid Berry on October 24 attended by Daniel D’AmicoShelia ElliottTony Puleo, David Lindquest, and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Zunino representing Vallejo’s interest and Dr. Suaro Baruzzo, President of the LaSpezia Regional District and Enzo Coniglio of the Italian Consulate representing LaSpezia’s interest.  All agreed to move forward and create the relationship.

On December 30, 1986, on recommendation of the Sister City Commission, the City Council unanimously approved the relationship.  The LaSpezia Council, on a vote of 25-1 (Egidio Banti casting the one vote), approved in 1987, although Sister City International did not issue a formal charter until August of 1989.